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Every year 26,000 Americans die because they cannot afford the health care they need. Doctors and medical students know this. We see it affecting our patients every day. This past year, Doctors for America played an important role in helping millions of Americans enroll in affordable health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Over 1000 of our doctors and medical students got trained to educate Americans about enrollment options. DFA provided enrollment resources for a coalition of over 50 national health care provider organizations. We even organized a highly successful Coverage is Good Medicine bus tour in Florida that helped propel the state to surpass its enrollment goals. 8 million Americans have signed up, but our efforts are far from over. Millions still need to hear from a trusted physician in their communities about life-saving coverage and why it is so important to enroll. Millions live in states where we are fighting to expand Medicaid.

Doctors for America has the tools to get millions more people covered. But we need funds to make that happen.

That’s why our docs are getting active in their communities.

To learn more about what we’re doing to help Americans enroll in health insurance visit: www.drsforamerica.org


Run, bike, swim, or walk for coverage.

1. Make a fundraising page
2. Join a local DFA team or do an event individually
3. Tell your network about your efforts and ask them to help get America covered!

Donate to one of our racers in your community and help them win team challenges. If you don’t know anyone racing, but want to support our efforts, you can donate to the general campaign on this page.

Recent Updates

3 Down, Many More to Come!
The Race for Coverage campaign is well underway as we celebrate the completion of our third successful race this past weekend. So here's a giant CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Team Stanford, Team Charm City, and Team Boston for paving the road for our other racers. And a special shout-out  to Marisa of Team Boston  who inspired us by taking on the race alone and fundraising over $500! Check...

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Stanford Success Sets the Standard

On Friday, September 5, over fifty doctors and medical students from the Stanford School of Medicine came out to the Palo Alto Baylands to participate in the third annual Dean Pizzo Docs Run. The run was founded three years ago by Rich Joseph, currently pursuing an MBA in the Stanford Graduate School of Business following his third year of medical school. He then passed the torch to Grace...

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Stanford kicks off the campaign!

With a whopping 61 team members the medical community at Stanford University kicks off DFA’s #Race4Coverage today at the Palo Alto Moonlight Run to raise awareness of and support for prevention, wellness, and health care coverage.

Wish the team luck on their Facebook page and support them in their efforts!

Also, check out this great write-up about the their race on the Stanford University...

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It's the running I'm afraid of
So the Race for Coverage has peaked your interest. You want to support DFA’s efforts to get America covered. However, you’re not a runner.

Don’t give that fear a second thought. First of all, you can walk, swim, or bike instead of run. Alternatively, you can host a fundraising event if none of these other activities work for you.

But, if you want to take this opportunity to get in...

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It only takes 2 minutes
We timed it and it only takes 2 minutes to create a fundraising page and join the campaign.

In just 2 minutes you can join doctors, medical students, and community members in raising money to help Doctors for America educate patients about health insurance options and why it is so important to enroll.

Click “Create a Fundraising Page” to get started.

The next open enrollment period is...

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And they're off!
Today we kick off Doctors for America’s Race for Coverage campaign! Our doctors, med students, and supporters are ready to run, swim, bike, and walk in their communities. We are excited to promote healthy living and raise funds to support Doctors for America’s efforts to help Americans gain access to lifesaving health insurance.

Join the campaign today! Click the “create a fundraising...

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Joti and Roma Dulai $100.00 We're so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!
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